At first there was just the ocean. The infinite and unknown. There was no light, there was only darkness.
The waves balanced endlessly with the winds, arriving nowhere.
And then the earth appeared, with such power and strength,
that we ended up forgetting the sea and calling the planet by its name. 

In the YogaDiving journeys, we deepen in our own nature, human and beyond human, organic and inorganic through diving, yoga and deep ecology.
With a diverse program of aquatic and land activities, we dive into the particular nature of each destination, both through the external experience as well as through the internal one.
Our journeys are designed for divers, non divers and future divers, for whom we also offer the PADI Open Water Scuba Diving course previous to the excursion. There is also the possibility to do it online.

Upcoming destination: Galápagos-- Semana Santa, 2019.